Quality Control

Quality control is a regular process in our organization starting from all brought-out items and raw materials, All supply items thoroughly tested and checked and tested by make, by date of expiry and IS specification for acceptance and every record is kept for future reference. In case of CIVIL work it starts from excavation depth check, reinforcement checked by make, by dia, by shape & nos as per drawing and stone chips, sand, cement as per grade, date of manufacturing of cement and water ratio in the volume of concrete.

Similarly, in the case of ELECTRICAL work we always verify the cable is proper make or not, insulation, giving protection of cable at the time of laying in proper route & dressing of cable, crimping in end terminal with mentioning color code insulation tape as per applicable, earth resistance check etc.


  • Each control wire shall have ferrules at both ends as per control scheme.
  • Not more than two wires shall be connected to one end,
  • Power control shall be nearly bunched separately and adequately supported so as to prevent stresses and strain on termination.


Quality assurance is kept in view throughout the day to day work progress.


  • Soil investigation / Soil test
  • Compression test of concrete
  • Plate load test
  • Soil analysis (Sampling)
  • Proctor test
  • Compaction test or In-situ density test
  • Durability test
  • Mechanical and chemical test
  • Compression test for CMU
  • Non-destructive test


  • Insulation Test (M )
  • H.V. Test
  • Current Injection Test
  • Polarity Test
  • Phase Sequence Test
  • Load Balancing Test.